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Easypaypakistan.com, is the largest branch less banking services in Pakistan that offers the most economical and easy access to financial services for all Pakistanis!by providing multi branch less banking provider network in single click Whether you have a mobile phone or not, Easypaypakistan.com offers the services that would forever change the way you perform your financial transactions. Join the Easypaypakistan.com revolution and take more control over your financial life!

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  • NEWS 7/13/2018
    Inter Bank Transfer Charges

    Dear clients, Inter Bank Transfer fee is now increased from ...

  • NEWS 1/18/2018
    Bank Charges

    All orders that need cashout payment through bank.A fix fee of...

  • NEWS 1/13/2018
    Bitcoin rate update

    Bitcoin available in low amount at following rate 50-150$ @150/$ ...

  • NEWS 1/13/2018
    Bitcoin rate update

    Bitcoin available in low amount at following rate 50-150$ @150/$ ...

  • NEWS 12/19/2017
    Bitcoin Fee

    Dear Clients, Due To high traffic on Bitcoin network.Sending fee has ...

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easypaypakistan.com firmley FAIR DEAL EXCHANGERS has always been a pioneer in innovative services and to introduce branchless banking for the first time in Pakistan by online services. Any person can use our services by registering his account on easypaypakistan.com site,and enjoy those services at home or office. Everyone can enjoy secure branchless banking service through "easypaypakistan.com" with instant transactions.

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easypaypakistan.com is providing E-Currency Buy, Sell and Exchange Services to its clients via efficient order processing mechanism. You need not to wait much for your order to get completed. The team instantly processes the posted order and save the customers time.

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