About Us

easypaypakistan.com firmley FAIR DEAL EXCHANGERS has always been a pioneer in innovative services.

Now we partnered with

  • Easy Paisa
  • UBL Omni
  • Mobi Cash
  • Time Pay
  • U Paisa

to introduce branchless banking for the first time in Pakistan by online services.

The innovative product umbrella of "easypaypakistan.com" gives the people of Pakistan complete convenience and empowerment that they have always wanted in life.

easypaypakistan.com is not just limited to offline subscribers; it’s available for all phone users. In fact people without mobile phones can equally enjoy easypaypakistan.com products.

With easypaypakistan.com customers have access to the easiest way to conduct their financial transactions, whether they are related to paying bills, sending/receiving money within Pakistan, receiving money abroad, purchasing airtime (easyload) for their mobile phones or giving donations etc.

A pioneer in innovative services of first time in Pakistan which provides you to exchange buy/sell your E-Currencies and take your money with full trust and secure mood in your bank or CNIC.

You can get easyload,pay bill,donations all related service by pay e-currency instead of paying rupees. No longer do people have to travel long distances, wait in long queues at Post Offices or Banks or be constrained by limited working hours.

Any person can use Easypy.pk services by registering his account on easypaypakistan.com site,and enjoy all services at home or office. everyone can enjoy secure branchless banking service through "easypaypakistan.com" with instant transactions.

Clients from abroad can also avail same services by Westeren union,money gram,or e-currency.